Windows XP VPN Configuration

1. Open the [Network Connections]
Click the Start button, goto [Settings] and select [Network Connections].
2. Create a new connection

Click [Create a new connection] on your left panel.

3. CLick [next] to continue

Click [Next] to continue.

4. Select Connection Type

Select [Connect to the neywork at my workplace] and click [Next].

5. How to connect to internet

Select [Virtual Private Network connection] and click [Next].

6. Connection Name

Type in [MoreVPN] as the connection name and click [Next].

7. Autodial or initial connection

Select [Do not dial the initial connection] and click [Next].

8. VPN Server Selection

In this screen, enter the given VPN server IP address. Type in the IP(something like 123.456.789.123) given to you in the Welcome Mail for VPN Server. In future we will have US, UK, CA servers, here is where you change the server.

9. MoreVPN Connection Ready

Your MoreVPN connection is ready. Add a shortcut to your desktop so you can dial this VPN connection at any time.

10. VPN Properties

Click on the [Properties] as circled in below picture.

11. PPTP Type of VPN

Click on tab [Networking], make sure the default is [Automatic].

12. How to connect to Morevpn?

Double click the MoreVPN icon on your desktop. Enter your username & password. Click on
That’s all, you are now connected to MoreVPN.