Proxy vs VPN

Whether you want to protect your identity or you need a country specific to visit certain website, proxy and VPN are always the easiest option you can reach. Let us study what are the benefits of each methods.

Proxy Solution

– Free proxy are easy to find.

– Proxy usually provide little or no encryption, your information through proxy can be intercepted.
– Connection speed with free proxy always slow because there are simply too many users.
– Lots of ads on the proxy page.
– Free proxy usually only available for web browsing.
– You might encounter failure to open some websites due to java scripts or other complex script.

VPN Solution

– Applicable to all application you are running, not just web browsing.
– Encrypt all your internet activities.
– High connection speed. (All MoreVPN VPN servers are connected to 100Mbps connection)
– Less users than free proxy. (We do not oversold to ensure the quality of the VPN service)
– No installation required. Most OS (Windows, Mac, Linux) support VPN setup.

– Usually fees apply for VPN service.