South Carolina Dedicated IP VPN

Quick Fact: South Carolina, originally part of the Province of Carolina, the Province of South Carolina was the first of the 13 colonies that declared independence from the British Crown during the American Revolution.

Why South Carolina Dedicated IP VPN?
South Carolina Dedicated IP VPN is VPN account with dedicated South Carolina IP which is not shared by any other users.

Which South Carolina city’s VPN Am I Getting?
There are many cities in South Carolina but not every cities has a data center.
Our South Carolina data center located in Rock Hill.
If you need dedicated IP VPN from other South Carolina cities, please contact us.

When Can I Expect The VPN Account To Be Ready?
Upon order received we will request a new Rock Hill IP from Rock Hill data center.
Once we receive the Rock Hill IP, we will proceed with the Rock Hill Dedicated IP VPN setup and inform you when it’s completed.
The whole process usually takes about 24 hours.

You might heard that some VPN providers can instantly generate you a dedicated IP VPN account within minutes.
The reason behind is they are recycling the IP from other users. They bought in bulk and recycling the IPs for all their customers.
For us, we always buy fresh IP from data center.

MoreVPN Service FAQ
– You may cancel the subscription through PayPal or contact us at anytime.
– We only accept Verified PayPal payment. If you need any other payment method, please contact us.
– VPN available in PPTP or L2TP (iOS must choose this).
– After order MUST return to our page to fill in the username details.
– Setup takes up to 24 hours as we need to wait for new IP assignment from datacenter, please be patience.
– Setup FAQ is available here:

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South Carolina Dedicated IP VPN
IP Location: Around Chester
Fees: $25/mth

We are happy to top up for you for free. Just let us know.